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McFarland Law Group is a family law practice founded by top-rated attorney, Tiffany McFarland. In Kansas City, she’s respected and renowned for her decisive handling of complex domestic relations litigation on both the Missouri and Kansas sides of the state line.

Her work in issues of divorce and separation, custody and child support, as well as parentage disputes has highlighted her skill and tact for resolving conflicts through equitable solutions.

No matter what, there’s a human being on either side of every dispute. As a practice, we’re committed to advocating for our clients, upholding the law, and ensuring a fair and respectful process for everyone involved.

Our Approach

We’re all about making this as easy as possible for you while making sure we arrive at an equitable solution.

What To Expect


Build a Foundation Based on Your Situation

Gathering materials and information is a crucial part of the process. Before moving forward, we’ll construct a strong framework based on your specific situation.


Discuss Your Goals and What to Expect

Let’s talk about your goals and expectations. While these are incredibly important to us and useful for our strategy, we’ll never overpromise. We’ll give you the most realistic picture we can in terms of outcomes as well as time frames.


Build a Roadmap for Your Upcoming Journey

We understand wanting to move forward as soon as possible, but it’s important we create a detailed plan for the road ahead of us. We’ll walk you through what to expect and stay beside you throughout the journey.


Discuss Your Next Steps and How to Manage Them

Thinking in A-to-Z terms might seem like reasonable thing to do, but it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed in the details. You shouldn’t be expected to understand the ins and outs of divorce law in Missouri or Kansas.

We’ll take responsibility for A to Z, so you can focus on A to B, and B to C after that. Let us do what we do best so we can help guide you through the divorce and separation process at a comfortable pace.

Reach Out to Our Team

Want to learn more about navigating divorce and separation with McFarland Law Group on your side? We’d love to hear from you.

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