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McFarland Law Group is a family law practice founded by top-rated attorney, Tiffany McFarland. In Kansas City, she’s respected and renowned for her decisive handling of complex domestic relations litigation on both the Missouri and Kansas sides of the state line.

Her work in issues of divorce and separation, custody and child support, as well as parentage disputes has highlighted her skill and tact for resolving conflicts through equitable solutions.

No matter what, there’s a human being on either side of every dispute. As a practice, we’re committed to advocating for our clients, upholding the law, and ensuring a fair and respectful process for everyone involved.

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Open Communication

We don’t take a scorched-earth approach; we believe in facilitating a smooth process built on respectful communication and seeking equitable solutions that take the whole family into account—separating partners are not enemies, and children should never be treated as property or collateral.

Practical Experience

With nearly two decades of experience, Tiffany McFarland brings immense knowledge and practical insight to a every case, no matter how simple or complex.

Commitment and Care

Tiffany’s reputation as top-rated attorney is due in no small part to the tireless diligence with which she serves her clients’ needs.

Our Approach

We’re here to guide you through the process, relieving what stress we can, communicating openly, and setting realistic expectations.

What To Expect


Tailored Legal Strategies

Every situation is unique, and setting you up for success starts with creating a solid framework based on your specific situation.


Compassionate Guidance

Your goals are extremely important to us. We’re on your side, but we won’t overpromise. We’ll discuss your goals in detail and help set realistic expectations in terms of outcome and timeframe.


Effective Resolutions

There may be a long road ahead of us, but we won’t be going unprepared. We’ll walk you through a detailed plan for your journey before moving forward, and we’ll guide you through the process as it unfolds. We’re here for the whole journey.


Ongoing Support

Let us look at steps A to Z. We want you to focus on A to B. After that, we’ll get B to C and so on.

Even after your case is resolved, we remain committed to supporting you through any post-divorce matters that may arise. Whether you need assistance modifying court orders or navigating co-parenting arrangements, we’re here to provide ongoing legal guidance and support as you move forward with your life.

Take the First Step

Reach out to our team at McFarland Law Group to discuss your situation and learn how we can be your advocate.

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Tiffany McFarland KC

Frequently Asked Questions


Tiffany is warm, understanding, insightful, thorough and tenacious.

– NT

Tiffany was patient and kind...

helping me work through the process in a factual and calm way. Her expertise kept the process moving forward in a way that felt comfortable to all parties involved.

– AT

I’m a personal injury lawyer...

so I know good lawyers, bad lawyers and those in between. Tiffany was at the top of the good lawyer group, I would say 10/10. She was amazing!!

– BB

Reach Out to Our Team

Reach out to our team at McFarland Law Group to discuss your situation and learn how we can be your advocate.

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