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In many cases, mediation is an effective alternative to the court system, particularly in cases of divorce.

Mediation allows for creative solutions and provides certainty all while meeting the particular needs of your family situation. Oftentimes, mediation can be more cost effective and allows the parties involved to participate and control the resolution with the aid of an objective and knowledgeable mediator to assist them.

At McFarland Law Group, our goals are to meet you where you are. In mediation cases, we help both parties outline their goals and work together to determine a fair outcome for everyone involved.

Our Approach

Mediation can provide a less overwhelming, less expensive, and less time-consuming experience for parties involved in the process.

What To Expect


Build a Foundation Based on Your Situation

Every situation brings its unique challenges and requires a specialized strategy. We’ll start by helping gather the information necessary for navigating your mediation. We understand wanting to move forward as soon as possible, but it’s important we create a detailed plan for the road ahead of us.


Discuss Your Goals and What to Expect

We won’t shy away from setting realistic goals and expectations, even if they’re at odds with your own. Our team is committed to helping both parties understand each other, get clear on their goals, and resolve disputes efficiently and effectively.


Build a Roadmap for Your Upcoming Journey

There may not be an easy way forward, but that doesn’t mean the journey can’t be made manageable with the right plan. We’ll take responsibility for working and guiding the larger picture from point A to Z, so you can focus on A to B, and B to C after that, knowing that you have the support you need.


Discuss Your Next Steps and How to Manage Them

We make sure you’ll feel supported throughout the mediation process and have the knowledge you need to move forward. As a practice, we’re committed to advocating for our clients, upholding the law, and ensuring a fair and respectful process for everyone involved. But no matter what, there’s a human being on either side of every dispute, and we work to keep that in mind.

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Tiffany is warm, understanding, insightful, thorough and tenacious.

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Tiffany was patient and kind...

helping me work through the process in a factual and calm way. Her expertise kept the process moving forward in a way that felt comfortable to all parties involved.

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