The Advocates Your Family Deserves

There’s no sugarcoating it: This is an incredibly stressful time for you. What you need is someone who can take away some of that stress and help you navigate through the legal complexities of the process.

At McFarland Law Group, our singular focus is family law. We handle divorce and separation cases, custody and child support, as well as parentage disputes.

We don’t take a bull-in-a-china-shop approach to litigation. Our approach is level-headed and practical, and we keep things civil.

Our approach is level-headed and practical while maintaining civility and professionalism.

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Our Approach

Here’s a look at how we serve the unique needs of each client.


Build a Foundation Based on Your Situation

Let’s take a breath, talk about the detail of your situation, and use those specific details to create a sturdy framework for building your case.


Discuss Your Goals and What to Expect

Tell us about what you’re hoping for out of the process, and we’ll create a realistic picture for how we can best achieve those goals within a reasonable time frame.


Build a Roadmap for Your Upcoming Journey

We have some serious ground to cover, but don’t let that discourage you. This isn’t a journey you have to take alone. We’ll be your guide, and your guide will help you create a detailed plan for how to get where we need to go and what to expect along the way.


Discuss Your Next Steps and How to Manage Them

Trying to think your way from A to Z is an easy way to get overwhelmed. That’s our job. Let us figure out steps A through Z. All we need you to do is focus on A to B, B to C, and so on, until we’ve reached Z together at a steady but comfortable pace.

What We Do

Types of Family Law We Practice

Our Clients

Tiffany is warm, understanding, insightful, thorough and tenacious.

– NT

Tiffany was patient and kind...

helping me work through the process in a factual and calm way. Her expertise kept the process moving forward in a way that felt comfortable to all parties involved.

– AT

I’m a personal injury lawyer...

so I know good lawyers, bad lawyers and those in between. Tiffany was at the top of the good lawyer group, I would say 10/10. She was amazing!!

– BB

Tiffany McFarland KC

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Let’s discuss your situation, see if we’re the right fit for each other, and find out how we can be your advocate.

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